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How to Identify Your Limiting Beliefs and What You Can Do About Them

As a person who has lived and worked across the world, worked across various disciplines, led, mentored and coached teams and entrepreneur, I have had the pleasure of working with literally hundreds upon hundreds of individuals and teams from different countries, religions and cultures, and one thing is for sure, many people feel frustrated with their lives and just don’t know why they aren’t achieving their goal be that personal or professional.

It all boils down to your belief system. By this I do not mean religious or spiritual beliefs, but beliefs in your own potential and ability to take charge of your results.

A belief is an assumed truth. Our beliefs, whether we create them ourselves or we take them on based upon what we learn from our family and friends, anchor our understanding of the world around us. Often, our beliefs are subconsciously taught to us when we are young, and many people defend and stick to those “inherited” beliefs throughout their entire life. In doing so, people have no idea why they cannot reach their full potential and tend to blame other circumstances or sometimes people for their inability to achieve their dream.

It is incredible what can be achieved with just a small shift in mindset - imagine what you could achieve if you could achieve your dreams? Who would you become? Who do you want to become? What does your dream life look like?

Your belief system is based on your evaluation of something. If we simply re-evaluate a given situation, our belief about that situation will often change, so let’s begin to evaluate your beliefs to change your perspective.

Think of an issue that is causing you stress or anxiety within your life right now. Ask yourself why the situation is difficult for you. Then, think about what you believe about the situation.

Next, ask yourself how someone you admire would perceive the situation. What would that person’s beliefs be? Write about how your experiences or results would be different if you adopted their beliefs and their approach towards your situation.

Then, start to approach things from the new perspective whenever the situation comes up to see how it affects your results. Keep a log of how you handled the situation and what the outcome was after your new approach to it so that you can keep a record of your progress.

Another way to change your perspective and break your limiting beliefs is to think about a situation that upsets you, again writing down what you believe about that situation. Then take a few minutes to think about why the beliefs you hold about that situation are false. Try to emotionally detach yourself from the situation for a moment while you evaluate it. Keep those reasons in mind each time the situation occurs until you are no longer bothered by it.

We have all the power we need to live the life we want to live. Book your complimentary, one on one discovery session with me to find out how I can help you to achieve your dreams.

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