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What is Thinking into Results?

Thinking into Results is a 12-week life-changing experience where clients find themselves achieving not just small steps towards positive change, but rather quantum leaps in their personal growth and achievement with effects that last long after their engagement with Robyn.  As a Thinking Into Results facilitator, Robyn can help you uncover incontrovertibly what you really want, where you’re at now, and the exact steps to reach your biggest goals. Instead of thinking about how you can’t, you will be flooded with ideas and inspiration about how you can.

What will you get out of Thinking into Results?
  • A sense of power.  You’ll know deep within your heart and soul that you are capable of whatever you set your mind to.

  • A profound shift in perspective where you know that anything is possible and where you are able to identify the opportunity in any challenge.

  • A feeling of confidence and self-belief which transcends any situation.

  • An understanding of your purpose and a profound feeling of the meaning in your life.

  • Knowing the way to set the conditions for yourself to triumph any initiative.

  • More energy, more zest for life, more motivation,  and more enjoyment.

  • Whether you have desires for your income,  your weight, your career, your relationships with others-whatever it may be, you will discover the clear and unequivocal steps which will lead you to success.

  • The motivation and ability to reach all of your goals, whatever they may be.

This program engages both your conscious and unconscious mind.  By uniting the two in harmony towards specific goals, your mind will act as if it has already achieved all that you desire and set you on the path automatically to reaching your objectives.  You will begin to experience change immediately after beginning the program. Through repetition and working with Robyn as your Thinking into Results consultant, you’ll unlock the tools which will help you achieve bigger, better, and more meaningful ambitions for the rest of your life.

What is 6 Minutes To Success?

A Simple and Effective Daily Dose of Success.

Six Minutes to Success is a very special membership program where you’ll receive a short video in your inbox each and every morning. The video is designed to get you thinking and taking action throughout the day as you achieve your biggest and boldest goals. You’ll find that each morning the video you receive has just the message you’re needing at that particular time – and you’ll have access to a video library where you can browse specific topics. Try it out for two weeks for just $1!

What will you get out of 6 Minutes To Success ?

Forget about your to-do list for a few moments and let your mind fantasize about how you would really like to live—the kind of life that would make you feel happy and fulfilled.

The reason so few people are living this way is that they never take the time to do this.
Now, if you can come up with something you really want, Six Minutes to Success is a unique and powerful system that helps you breathe life into the idea and create a definite plan of action to get it… without working hard.

Six Minutes to Success is based on Bob Proctor’s more than 50 years of research into what makes or keeps people from being successful.

  • You are looking to achieve improved results for you as an individual or your team!  The Sky is the Limit –
    you just need some guidance on how to get there.

  • You know you’re capable of more,
    but you’re not sure how to actualize your power.

  • You have dreams about what you’d like to achieve,
    but you’re focused on why you can’t reach them.

  • You’d like to break free from the negative  thoughts
    that are holding you back.

  • You’d like to be radically successful in your personal
    and professional life, reaching goals you hadn’t thought possible.

Working with Robyn is for you if…

30 min | Free

If you’re ready to discover who you are and what is possible for your life, this program guides you every step of the way.

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